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Christmas 2003


Happy Holidays to you and your family! We hope 2004 brings you prosperity!

Just a quick note this year, not because there's not much happening but because of so much happening there just isn't time for more.

My dad's remission from Hodgkin's disease was temporary. We lost him in February. There were three other family members who joined him on the other side during the year. I feel so blessed that tough times bring us all closer. As a grief processing method, I created a memorial website for my dad. http://home.earthlink.net/~rlvermillion/inlovingmemoryof/

Life being what it is, there was a mix of happy and exciting things to lighten the mood for us. I finally recorded my voice-over demo! If you haven't already heard it, you can hear it and clips from a couple of other roles I've performed in audiobooks at http://www.lindamontgomery.net. My company reorganized in October leaving me job free. I'm taking advantage of the freedom to try to get started in voice-over and as a contract programmer.

Eric got some great news just before he left work for the holiday break. He's been promoted from an electronics technician to a full electrical engineer! That's a dream come true for him! I'm so proud of him!

We also took in a new pet over the summer. I'd never considered having a pet rat until we "temporarily" took in a rescued black hooded rat. Once he groomed my eyebrow, that was it for me. He has a permanent home with us. Scamperdoo sniffed his face without threatening him but the other two would really like to "play" with him. They glare at me when I say "Momma's rat!" I was calling him Ratty Watty but Eric thought brRaticus fit him better. I have to agree. He is a bit of a brat. http://www.lindamontgomery.net/watty is his site.

Whoops! Out of room!

Wishing you healthy and happy holidays!

Eric & Linda Montgomery
And our "kids"
Scamperdoo the snow angel,
Cactus and Lee-Roy on the sled
and brRaticus in Linda's hood

Click here to see a closeup of Eric's face.

Click here to see a closeup of Linda & brRaticus the rat.

Click here to see a closeup of Scamperdoo.

Click here to see a closeup of Cactus and Lee-Roy on the sled.

Click here to see a closeup of the snowman's face.

God bless us every one!